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In the big megacities like Paris property prices can reach up to more than €10 000 per square meter.

The property sector is flourishing and experience substantial transformations. The main challenges this sector has to face are the property management (acquisition, sale, rental, co-ownership, real estate loans), the different insurances management, the use of IoT and IoT sensors and the traceability of the materials used as well as information regarding the real property goods. The digitization of real estate projects (rental investments, real estate sales, notaries, real estate transactions) requires the automation of contract execution via a decentralized body.

Blockchain applications in the property sector are manifold

  • 01Tokenization of property assets and property transactions
  • 02Access control & IoT management
  • 03Traceability of materials used
  • 04Traceability of property information
  • 05Digitalization of deeds

Transchain and the property sector

Transchain fulfills property applications

Transchain is a player in real estate of the future

The blockchain makes the real property market more and more transparent. The information asymmetry remains however a key feature of this sector leading to significant costs (frauds, long research efforts and audit).

Thanks to the ‘tokenization’ mechanism, the blockchain splits a financial asset in an infinite number of shares, called tokens. Each of those digital assets can then be easily tradable, its associated property rights being recorded in the blockchain, which serves as a ledger and enable the identification of all landowners.

Transchain offers full transparency. The history of each property is accessible and the information is immutable.

The blockchain accelerates the property transaction process through automation. The deed of sale is recorded in the blockchain and the payment triggers automatically the transfer of the ownership title. The proof of sale is time-stamped, immutable and the various stakeholders are identified.

All those benefits offer an overall reduction of transactions costs. What is more, tracing transactions between each player within a single infrastructure can help save on maintenance and litigations but also allow the construction of new services based on those data.

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Our solution's features useful to the property sector


Record data in an immutable manner and make the user responsible for his actions and the information recorded.


Leave an unalterable record of every actions made by all the sector stakeholders thanks to the blockchain fingerprint system in order to guarantee the life cycle of real property.


Identify the identity of the signatory thanks to his or her personal identification key and facilitate administrative procedures through electronic signature.


Provide with land registry status in real time of the different land owners.

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At Adameo, we chose to build a strategic partnership with Transchain, because we are convinced the Blockchain as a Service is the only implementation allowing the interoperability of information systems between the Supply Chain professionals.

Guillaume Mullier

Guillaume Mullier

Head of Business Development, Innovation, Marketing & Communication at Adameo


Our collaboration with Transchain has showcased the utility and the ease of use for SME of Katena, a reliable and operational solution allowing to choose to track products by batches, sets or types

Lioubov Grigorieva

Lioubov Grigorieva

Chief Development Officer at AIS Nutrition


Katena: Transchain blockchain is an original solution providing an innovative approach which is both well defined, technically accurate and clearly targeted.



Professor emeritus at the University of Lille in France

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