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Le journal des entreprises
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DNA Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace
Le journal des entreprises
La tribune
Le journal des entreprises
Le journal du net
DNA Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace

Our board

"During our fundraising, we wished to be surrounded by skilled and experienced entrepreneurs to accompany us."

Pierre Banzet and Timothée Brugière

Our values

We are all driven by common values.

Guarantee and respect personal data

Meet our clients' strong need for certification, confidentiality and security is our priority.

Assist our customers with their digital transformation

Our main goal : meet the needs of our customers by providing a solution that suits their needs.

Rely on collective intelligence

We believe in the synergy of all our associates. Our strength is our open-mindedness and sharing spirit.

Value proactivity

Always aim for excellence through our commitment to performance and challenge.

Our team

Pierre Banzet

Pierre Banzet


Young entrepreneur with a polyvalent profile, Pierre Banzet has a technical and business management profile gained through his academic studies, as well as through several professional experiences, both institutional and within companies as project manager and IT manager. Pierre decided to found Transchain to enable all companies to pass the blockchain technology milestone and place their trust in digital.

Timothée Brugière

Timothée Brugière | PhD


PhD in Particle Physics and expert in modeling, data analysis (big DATA), artificial intelligence and networks, Timothée Brugière worked at the CNRS for 10 years in research & innovation management before creating a blockchain technology and co-founding Transchain.

Mathilde Karceles

Mathilde Karceles


Holder of a double degree from a Political Science school achieved in France and in Germany, and after several institutional experiences abroad (Belgium, USA and Germany) as well as in France as a parliamentary assistant at the National Assembly, Mathilde Karceles has created her own consulting firm in communication strategy, public relations and optimism.

Blandine Geiger

Blandine Geiger

Business Unit Manager

Former Manager in Digital Service Companies and with 15 years of experience as Key Account Manager in the pharmaceutical industry and big companies like Capgemini, Blandine Geiger holds a Master's degree in Marketing Management from the Strasbourg School of Management. She is there to assist you in the implementation of your blockchain projects.

Jonathan Langlois

Jonathan Langlois

Research Team Manager

Computer engineer specialized in the blockchain and after several years of experience as analyst developer and then IT project manager during during his Master's degree in Software Engineering at the Strasbourg Engineering School, Jonathan Langlois joined Transchain’s team at the beginning of the adventure.

Julien Remen

Julien Remen

Development Team Manager

Former Technical Project Manager in major automotive and pharmaceutical companies in an international context (India, USA, South Africa and Eastern Europe) for 15 years, Julien Remen holds a Master's degree in computer science from the University of Aix-Marseille.

Laure Crépin

Laure Crépin

Marketing Manager

After several professional experiences as a Project Manager in marketing and events, with a degree from the Kedge business school in Marseille and a year abroad (Netherlands), Laure Crépin joined Transchain as a Marketing Project Manager.

Léa Pierron

Léa Pierron

Office Manager

After 5 years as a manager in mass retail, Léa Pierron decided to specialize in this field and undertook a Bachelor's degree in Organisation Management in Strasbourg.

Thomas Kienlen

Thomas Kienlen

Senior Developer

With 10 years of experience in computer science, especially in development, he holds a Master's degree in Computer Networks and Applications from the University Louis Pasteur, Thomas Kienlen decided to take up the challenge of developing the public blockchain, and joined Transchain’s technical team.

Robin Turon-Lagot

Blockchain Project Leader

After graduating in Computer Science and Mobility, Robin Turon-Lagot, an expert in JS, PHP and mobile environment development has co-founded Transchain and developed the company's Production team.

Jean-Philippe Abegg

Jean-Philippe Abegg | PhD Student

Systems & Networks Admin

PhD student on the topic of Networks and Blockchain in partnership with the University of Strasbourg and the computer research laboratory ICube, Jean-Philippe Abbeg joined Transchain during his final year internship as part of his Master's degree in Networks and Systems, and has found with us the perfect balance to combine research and development.

Aurélien Deville

Aurélien Deville | PhD Student

Blockchain & Organization Research

PhD Student in Science of Management  at the University of Toulouse Capitole, following a double Master's degree in Audit and Accounting & IS Management, Aurélien Deville is involved in several working groups on blockchain thematic issues. Former Digital Ambassador at the University Technological Institute of Tarbes, he offers Transchain an academic expertise on the blockchain field.

Thomas Singerlé Florus

Thomas Singerlé Florus

Full-stack Developer

Youngest bachelor of the academy of Strasbourg in 2018 and young entrepreneur in web development, Thomas Singerlé Florus is a working-student at Transchain as part of his BTS SIO with the CCi Campus d'Alsace, where he strengthens the technical team.

Élodie Atanley

Élodie Atanley

Front-end Developer

Working-student preparing a CAWEB Master's degree at the University of Strasbourg, Elodie Atanley brings her linguistic and computer skills to improve the user experience and redesign our website.

Our story

Our growth since 2017
April 2017
Incubation of Transchain in the SEMIA innovative business incubator
September 2017
Transchain team building
Market research - First tests
March-June 2018 SITL/VIVATECH Fair
Blockchain implementation - business applications
First applications - Supply Chain / Contracts / Sectors
September-October 2018 ITS World Fair
New consensus - functional applications
Launch of the first POCs / Certifications / Traceability
January 2019 CES Las Vegas Fair
Production launch of the Katena by Transchain solution
First applications - Supply Chain / Contracts / Sectors
March 2019
First customer applications
Focus on IoT and Blockchain interconnection
May 2019 VIVATECH Fair
Orange live objects presentation
IoT data protection application
November 2019
Transchain raises one million euros
Development of our commercial approach, recruitment of a business and development team
January 2020 2nd CES Las Vegas Fair
New partnerships
Building of strategic partnerships to open up new markets
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