Digital Traceability Solution

Blockchain for Business


The digital evolution of companies and the increasing of data force the B2B area to implementate new solutions. TransChain allow this digitization by ensuring data security thanks to his public blockchain. Digital connectors improve dealings between companies while insuring an immutable traceability.


Open use for all companies. Data control and confidentiality remains under the entire control of each company to protect business secrets.

Plug & Play

A common digital solution harmonising the communication between stakeholders and partners, answering to information systems difficulty.

Not speculative

A cryptocurrency-free blockchain, allowing companies to have a total control on costs incurred, without any possibility of speculation.


The importants points of the Transchain Project

  • Creation of the Team

    April 2017

    Starting in April, a team of business experts and technical experts with an appetite for the supply chain sector came together to find digital solutions to the sector's problems.

  • BlockChain - Beta Version

    March 2018

    Industrialize our proof of concept and allow the actors to test the interest of our solution in their daily life.

  • Mobile versions

    May 2018

    Add IoT sensors and mobile apps to our blockchain to automate and certify certain events.

  • Blockchain - Version 1

    September 2018

    Prove that our solution responds to the problems of the Supply Chain and responds from a technological point of view to operational constraints.

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