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Transchain has created a blockchain network for the B2B market.

Our innovative approach offers a new form of process digitization that generates trust by guaranteeing data security, certification, control and confidentiality, without the intervention of a third party.

We promote compliance with data protection, through our commitment to transparency, certification and security of our customers' data. Our Katena technology solution, born from this collective synergy, is designed in a functional and adaptable way to be the solution accessible to the entire B2B sector.

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Our values

Guarantee and respect the data of our customers

Supporting the digital transformation of our customers

Rely on Collective Intelligence

Encourage and develop Proactivity


Companies limit the digitization of their process by :
  • 01 a lack of suitable tools
  • 02 a distrust in their interactions with third parties


A simple and intuitive platform offering the best of blockchain for the B2B sector

An agile and flexible solution adapting to existing or new information system

For an optimization of your performance whatever your sector of activity

Guarantee the truthfulness of your information thanks to certification

The reliability and confidentiality of your operations are guaranteed

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Katena adapts to your business sector
  • Industry 4.0

    Blockchain helps restore trust between customers, suppliers and companies by ensuring the validity and transparency of product information.

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  • IOT

    Blockchain eliminates the risk of data loss or theft. Without intermediaries, the data exchanged between connected objects and the blockchain are protected.

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  • Gouvernment 2.0

    Blockchain certifies the validity of online legal procedure in a secure and transparent manner. It also allows the certification of civil status and land register.

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  • Data Privacy

    Blockchain helps to ensure trust between professional within the same sector. This streamlines and simplifies information exchanges between competitors.

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  • Cloud Platform

    Blockchain allows disintermediation during the transfer of sensitive data.

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  • E-business

    Blockchain helps restore trust between e-merchants, customers and suppliers by ensuring the traceability of product sheets, prices and customs management.

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They trust us

At Adameo, we chose to build a strategic partnership with Transchain, because we are convinced the Blockchain as a Service is the only implementation allowing the interoperability of information systems between the Supply Chain professionals.

Guillaume Mullier

Guillaume Mullier

Head of Business Development, Innovation, Marketing & Communication at Adameo


Our collaboration with Transchain has showcased the utility and the ease of use for SME of Katena, a reliable and operational solution allowing to choose to track products by batches, sets or types

Lioubov Grigorieva

Lioubov Grigorieva

Chief Development Officer at AIS Nutrition


Katena: Transchain blockchain is an original solution providing an innovative approach which is both well defined, technically accurate and clearly targeted.



Professor emeritus at the University of Lille in France

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