Food industry

Know where our agri-food products come from

75% of consumers worldwide wish to know the origin of their food products.

The food industry gathering all agricultural edible goods production and distribution sectors adopts today an approach of certification of the products origin and traceability of food processing.

This traceability process ensures labelling trustworthiness and lends credibility to all agricultural sector stakeholders. Labelling aims is to guarantee the accuracy of the information that customers cannot check themselves. Certification protects consumers against malicious practice.

Blockchain applications in the food industry sector are manifold

  • 01Traceability of raw materials life-cycle through the production process to the end product
  • 02Guarantee of quality labels compliance
  • 03Certification of foodstuffs production process
  • 04Trust and transparency for consumers nutrition

Transchain and food industry

Transchain fulfills food industry applications

Transchain generates a lasting trust for your customers

Transchain authenticates tracked information from end to end of the production and distribution line, especially through real-time and indelible food products data recording. The blockchain makes life-cycle and supply chain management along with food-related crises easier to manage. Agricultural sector stakeholders can then respond almost instantly should a health issue occur and quickly identify the faulty link thanks to an automated traceability. The contaminated batch number is instantly identifiable, strengthening thus food safety and making interaction between industry, large-scale distribution and consumers smoother.

Katena platform displays fully transparency for customers that need to be reassured about the origin and the quality of the products and a flexibility of integration into your current IT systems.

Katena blockchain holds the role of trusted third-party between your business and your customers, ensuring you a competitive advantage and greater competitiveness within the agrifood industry.

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Our solution's features useful to the food industry


Provide consumers with a guarantee of the thruthfulness of information of their product for more transparency and trust.


Leave an unalterable record of every actions made by all the industry stakeholders thanks to the blockchain fingerprint system.


Check the quality and the truthfulness of information across the whole value chain and react in real time should an incident occur.


Identify the various players of the value chain by ensuring the actions they have executed.

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They trust us

At Adameo, we chose to build a strategic partnership with Transchain, because we are convinced the Blockchain as a Service is the only implementation allowing the interoperability of information systems between the Supply Chain professionals.

Guillaume Mullier

Guillaume Mullier

Head of Business Development, Innovation, Marketing & Communication at Adameo


Our collaboration with Transchain has showcased the utility and the ease of use for SME of Katena, a reliable and operational solution allowing to choose to track products by batches, sets or types

Lioubov Grigorieva

Lioubov Grigorieva

Chief Development Officer at AIS Nutrition


Katena: Transchain blockchain is an original solution providing an innovative approach which is both well defined, technically accurate and clearly targeted.



Professor emeritus at the University of Lille in France

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