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Secure our pharmaceutical industry

With the digitization of pharmaceutical activities and laboratories, the security of medical data is an additional major issue for health authorities.

The pharmaceutical sector has implemented traceability by box and not by batch: serialization.

Counterfeiting also affects the medical sector and the large pharmaceutical and biotechnology groups: many drugs and medical devices on the market are counterfeit. It is critical to be able to share and store the patient's record, while securing the data.

Blockchain applications in the pharmaceutical industry are manifold

  • 01Serialization of medicines: the fight against counterfeiting
  • 02Double-blind study: Data safety for clinical research and clinical trials
  • 03Confidentiality of dialogue between health actors
  • 04Security and integrity of patients' private and medical data

Transchain and pharmaceutical industry

Transchain fulfills pharmaceutical industry applications

Transchain fights against counterfeiting

The blockchain offers a secure solution for serialization and fights efficiently against counterfeiting. It also ensures complete control of the logistics chain, from supply to distribution of health products to the end user.

Shared patient medical record data can be stored and certified with azerty with no third party intervention. Furthermore, research data can be accessed quickly through the blockchain while being secure, verified, certified, time-stamped and indelible. The auditability of the data is also greatly enhanced.

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Our solution's features useful to the pharmaceutical industry

Certification Certification

Provide doctor and patient with a genuine, high-quality medicine to fight efficiently against counterfeiting.

Immuabilité Immuability

Certified health sector information will not be erased, the data is not editable.

Identification Identification

Ensure the digital identity of the different players in the value chain, from manufacturing to retail.

Traçabilité Traceability

Know all the active substances and excipients of the drug and trace the information from the molecule to the patient.

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They trust us

At Adameo, we chose to build a strategic partnership with Transchain, because we are convinced the Blockchain as a Service is the only implementation allowing the interoperability of information systems between the Supply Chain professionals.

Guillaume Mullier

Guillaume Mullier

Head of Business Development, Innovation, Marketing & Communication at Adameo


Our collaboration with Transchain has showcased the utility and the ease of use for SME of Katena, a reliable and operational solution allowing to choose to track products by batches, sets or types

Lioubov Grigorieva

Lioubov Grigorieva

Chief Development Officer at AIS Nutrition


Katena: Transchain blockchain is an original solution providing an innovative approach which is both well defined, technically accurate and clearly targeted.



Professor emeritus at the University of Lille in France

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